Fifty Shades of Pleh....

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Pleh is the sound my lungs make.  At the time of writing this blog, I'm still recovering from the flu.  As I understand I have the aggressive strain and that can come with complications so I'm going to try to be okay.  That being said, I have the need to write today about something.

The final installment in the Fifty Shades movies comes out around Valentines Day because nothing says "I love you" than the story of a violent sociopath and the woman he grooms to be his sex puppet.  While this would seem to be cruel it is, at its heart, what is means.  I've long thought about writing something similar but it being just that.  Instead of a charming love story, its more of an episode of Criminal Minds which I also don't like but watch religiously because its on my list of things for white Noise.  I'm not hopping on a band wagon to hop on to one.  I am just writing because its the truth.  I tried to read Fifty Shades of Grey.  I couldn't get past the part where Christian and Ana meet.  It just...It kills me.  

I loathe the books but not for the reasons you might think.


I've long worried that I'm a hater when it comes to popularity.  Every time I see a friend post about this new book series or that I become more disenfranchised with my own writing.  I've had to take time to reflect on why I don't like Fifty Shades.  Its simple.  Its poorly written.  If you sit and read this book and can keep a straight face then God Bless you.  I understand that most popular books are written on the comprehension level of 8th grade and that I read higher than that and I'm willing to accept that.  its what I write.  I hate things that talk down to you and treat you like an idiot.  Much of this comes from a poster that is still in my parents front room of Woody Guthrie saying as much as that.  It comes off a terrible fan fiction and if you've read fan fiction its that.

I think what really bothers me about this is that this is a major issue with our society.  I know plenty of people who are in the BDSM community who hate Fifty Shades because this is what people think they do.  They are nice sane people who will stress Safe Sane and Consensual.  That's not really the problem.  I think that if you find art and that inspires you to explore yourself then that's a good form of art.  There has been a well spring of Billionaire Romance novels that have irritated my romance writer friends.  This is is.  We don't want to explore our sexuality as a society so we let it out in mal-adjusted bursts that allow for Fifty Shades to exist.  This is it.  This was something that was marketed towards women and for women to have a fap fantasy.  for that I can commend E.L. James.  But here's the problem: we stopped there.

I think one of the best films our there exploring female Sexuality is that of Professor Marsten and the Wonder Women.  If you don't know the story of this man then, wow go look it up.  The film did nothing for that but did explore sexuality from a female perspective.  The same with the Shape of Water.  I think you can find it out there and it should make you think.  If we were more honest with ourselves when it comes to our sexuality then maybe this thing wouldn't have such a following.

Its also sub par.

The problem with being a woman and with products that are geared towards women are either expensive or bad.  I don't use a women's razor to shave when I do shave (mostly my under arms for reasons).  I generally use a men's razor because they're cheaper and better made.  Same thing with clothing, shoes and other things.  This is the problem with women's media.  I hated Sex in the City but loved Ab Fab.  This is the things is that these things are created by women but men who think what females want.  Fifty Shades is a female fantasy.  I will never tell you to not have a fantasy (acting on them is different) but its a female fantasy made flesh for money.  There is no sincerity to it.  Its not about being over sexed its just being honest about things.

That's what I want in my media.  Sincerity.

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