No, I'm done pretending to be Dr. Manhattan

By now I'm sure all of you are beyond aware of the horror that is unfolding in Charlottesville over the weekend.  I don't generally like getting political but I'm angry.  I'm so very angry about it all.  I'm angry that a place that I've known all of my life as a safe place as a warm spot of intellectualism has been turned into a symbol of hate where people died trying to fight off a violent white men that want a world that has never existed.   I'm angry that the world is coming to this and I'm seeing it.  My brother is a UVA alum who went to both Undergrad and Law School at the University as we call it here.  My husbands cousin plays football there and when his grandmother had the stroke that led to learning about brain cancer she went to UVA.   My nieces and nephews have made frequent trips to Cville.  It is for me the relative that I don't know well but love dearly.  I am angry that racists have turned into hill that wish to defend.

I'm angry.

I learned today that a boy I grew up with in the church had been injured during the prostest when the the Racist Fuckwad drove into the crowd hurting three and killing one.  I'm angry that happened that someone thought he should do this.  I'm very proud to know this young man.  I'm glad that he never ever changed.

I'm so angry.

I'm angry that its 2017 and there are fucking Nazis in the world.  Not some sort of high minded ildeal but no real life Nazis that are marching with torches and hurting people.  They are painfully real and I can't get over this.  I'm so made that they are here and they hurt people that they will hurt people.  This isn't a high minded idea.  Its real.  There have been neo Nazis in Germany who have been quiet and clean cut.  Why are you surprise they look like now.  That's the thing about evil.  its good at not looking like its truely Evil.  No its the troubled small of a clean cut young man.  

I don't have the anger in me to express how mad I am and what I think really need to happen.  The symptom is so much worse than the disease but that needs to be treated before we can move on.  People need to outraged and not tolerant of this.  Never again.

I'm so angry.

I don't know what to do, really.  I don't know how to fight.

I did what I thought was right; I bought a taser and gave money to the SPLC.  I can't fight but I know they will fight.  I gave in the name of my mother.

NO, I'm done with prayer.  I'm done for hoping for better.  No, I'm done waiting for things to get better.  There is not chance in this ending without a fight.  I'm scared but I'm not ready to make nice.

Time of praying is over time to do something is now.

Nazis are nazis.  I don't give a shit how you call it.  There are no many sides.   There is two sides.  The right side and fucking Nazis.  I have a handful of things that I have saved and look if I can find a picture of the Joker punching a Nazi because that is a line to not cross then you are the bad guy.

You're the bad guy if you say its escalation because of the left.

I don't like anarchists or the Antifa either but they are there because Nazis have a voice a loud fucking voice.  Get rid of Nazis then you get rid of the antifa.

There is a disease and its going to spread.  I could go on a rant about how middle America and the poor are being ignored and become soldiers in this but I can't.  I'm too tired.

I'm too angry.


Shannon CarrollComment