Okay...little Calmer.

I don't exactly know what to say at this point.  It is Wednesday and I'm not as angry as I was.  I'm still very angry.  I think that's the right place to be.  I don't think you should be okay with White supremacists ruining America.  As I've previously stated, its my backyard.  I had friends there.  They were hurt.  I can't believe where we are.  Its madness.

I think the problem is that the Civil War is strange memory for me and my life.  I know that its all sorts of weird.  I had high minds about who were involve in World War II and I am certain that they were racists.  I know my grandmother had some strange ideas about race but I'm better than that.  I know my mother's father was a chaplian and believer that he should be a violent man.  He served in India and was in fear of his life almost every day.  I do not doubt for a second that he joined the army because it was the right thing to do.  My mother would frequently tell me that she could remember him telling that the Civil War was about Slavery and Slavery was very wrong.  I can't describe the tone in my mother's voice when she would say that but I know how it feels and I know what it means.  Grandpa Bob was very serious about this note and it was important to know.

Slavery and Racism were wrong.  We shouldn't be celebrating it.

I want to move beyond this because its not the only thing going on in my life.  If it were then it would be terribly boring.  So how is everyone?

Todd and I went to Mircofestivus last weekend.  It was fun except for the fact that I'm somehow not able to handle beer anymore.  its okay though.  I'll be fine.  

I'm not making progress like I want to with the books but that's just me.  I'm lacking because I'm somehow hurting to work.  It happens.  *shrug*  

I have some work done on the books.  I'm sort of excited.  I've also been working on Mr. Smile.

We're also going to Indiana in June next year.  I'm rather happy about this. So much so I want to cry.

Its what I go.


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